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MG TD TF 1500 - Using MG B Shockers

I bought a couple of brand new, old stock MG B rear shock absorbers at an autojumble for 10. The only difference I could see between these and the ones on the TF was the diameter of the holes for the fixing bolts. The ones from the B were larger so I turned up some small bushes to pack these out and they are working fine on the TF. I note Moss sell a kit to enable B front shocks to be fitted to later TDs and TFs but it costs a fortune. It includes a new top trunnion, bearing tube and bolt. I know the B has king pins but the part of the trunnion that fits to the shocker looks identical to the T series one. Does anyone know what's involved in fitting B front shockers to a T series? B items are much cheaper and brand new ones are available. I suppose the next question will be can one of the MG B ball jointed front suspension conversions be fitted to a T series? I will let someone else to pursue this!


Jan T
J Targosz

Jan, Years ago I had a truckload of MGB parts, many were shocks. I experimented with putting a B shock on a T series and could never get it to work properly. Been too many years to remember all the particulars, but do remember it was more trouble than it was worth. MGA shocks will fit, but on a TF the side panel has to have a hole cut in it as the shocks are mounted with the pistons facing toward the engine. When I bought my TF it had MGA shocks on it, (photo) which I replaced with the proper ones. PJ


The spacing on the B yoke arms is much wider and I believe that Moss has fabricated a wider trunnion to address that. I think someone here is working on a TD now that has a dropped B spindle assembly and B shocks along with the disc brake assembly.
L E D LaVerne

I think the B space is narrower so the T trunnion has to be machined to suit. Also the rebound rubber has to be the B one as the arms are a different shape.
Moss Europe sell a conversion kit. Mind you it is a bit steep at 723 for a simple machining job.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

I've been using MGB shocks in the front of the TD for 10 years...I got a conversion kit from Brown & Gammons back then, but now Moss sells the kit with the proper trunnion to fit...very happy with the results..
Bob Dougherty

When I used a B spindle along with disc brakes and MGB shocks I made two spacers to fill out the gap. I used the aluminum rear bumper spacer cut in half for those. I think that they were cut to 1/2" each.
Sandy Saunders

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