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MG TD TF 1500 - Valve Cover bolts

The adventure continues,...................OK, I am in the middle of a complete rebuild on my 53's motor. There are two bolts that thread into the valve cover that seem to do nothing. First, what is the material they were made of and what is the thread? Is there a Moss or A/S part number for them? Second, what are/were they used for? They don't seem to be part of the air cleaner assembly. Thanks again, Tom
Thomas McNamara

If you are refering to the bolts on the side of the valve cover they were black. On the TD nothing attached to them. I forget what car used them right now. "Y's"?

Anyway just paint them black and leave em be.

Chris Couper

Those two bolts were holding two straps that formed a triangle when attached to the end of the air filter housing. Meanwhile on the same subject what is the small bracket on the rear end of the tappet side plate cover, there for?
conrad sanders

Conrad: Can't remember for sure but I think a return spring was attached there but cannot remember the car.

Was I right about the "Y" above? It wasn't late TC's was it?

Chris Couper

According to pictures in Clausager's books.

TB-TC used the valve cover nuts to hold the air cleaner Y bracket.

Y type used the two nuts on the side of the valve cover to hold a Y bracket for the air cleaner.

Ah my memory is still sort of working :-)

Chris Couper

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