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MG TD TF 1500 - Vehicle Maintenance and Service plan

Dear Friends,
me again with an issue.
Does somebody have a Vehicle Maintenance and Service plan ?
What I'm looking for is a template to record minor troubles occurred during a trip but not worth to fix it immediately.
Just to remember this item in the next maintenance session and to record if the issue has been fixed or spare parts needed / ordered etc.
Sure, I can do my own Excel spreadsheet but if something is available and your experience is excellent why not share it with other enthusiasts.
Thank you
GK Guenter

I use a chalk board... write what has to be done, and erase it when its finished.....


Gordon, I donít prefer a chalk board due to the bad news on it like on yours ;-)


How do you carry a chalk board with you on trips?


I use my palm pilot. I just keep a running list on it.

Dave Braun

i'm old school. (read not smart enough to integrate new technology into my life)i have a little spiral notebook (palm sized) that i keep in the glove box with pen attached. little tape tabs for each section..oil changes, lubes, repairs, dates of install for battery, tires, etc. regards, tp
tom peterson

Say Guenter, how come you are soooo quick: you show up in North Carolina and hardly four hours later you are in Hamburg Germany. Your TD must run extremely efficient! Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

Hi Huib,
yes it is a fast runner ;-))



Two for the "old school". You, however, are more advanced than I since my little spiral has no tabs. But we all leasrn and I am now measuring for a chalk board to fit onve the hub cap of the spare. Those Canadians are amazingly davanced

Dick thomas
Dick Thomas

And we're good looking too, even if we say so ourselves eh?
Gene Burgess

This thread was discussed on 24/07/2008

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