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MG TD TF 1500 - Very nice, but?

Very nice TD, but if you are going to make a claim of a concourse quality, you had better be ready for this group to take a look.

Originality of parts and condition may be very good, but two tone paint job, black guage (appears to be temp. Didn't TD's with dished speedo/tach have the duel oil pressure/temp guage?)

Location of temp tube through the firewall is incorrect. It also looks like the registration plate is black (could be the photo)

Also not sure that is correct on/off ignition

Didn't all TD'd have chrome rings on the headlights even on the painted bodies?

Coil is not correct

Bruce Cunha

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Bruce Cunha

Bruce, the dual gauge was introduced at car # 13,xxx,not with the dished-face insts. so the black water temp was an add-on. Obviously a few minor things wrong, but overall very nice. I with I had his large, correct "mickey-mouse" air cleaner nut! George
George Butz

George - There was someone selling those a year or so ago on the BBS. A search of the archives might turn one up. If not, I bought one, thinking that mine was not thre right one, but found, on receiving the new one that mine was correct. I would be willing to sell you the one I have if you can't find the indivisual in the archives. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

It probably depends on who you are trying to con, of course. Some of the I. D. plates I have seen had black backgrounds with chrome lettering, they were on origional cars ? Mark


Believe those are the original nickle plated Chassis and Body I.D. plates (before the nickle wore off the brass underneath) and yes, they would have been found on original cars.


Gene Gillam


Re-read you comment - chrome lettering on black backgrounds?? - nope, not original - sorry.


Gene Gillam

Car ended up selling for $20,800 by a bidder with 2 e-bay purchases

As I said. It is a really nice looking TD, and with a little research and changes, may be a nice concourse vehicle.

Bruce Cunha

This thread was discussed between 25/09/2005 and 28/09/2005

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