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MG TD TF 1500 - Vokes Air Cleaners

I just received a set of Vokes air cleaners from Moss. A birthday gift from my wife. They are not chrome faced. My question is, were the originals chrome or black? These are finished in a gloss black, looking almost like a porcelain finish with "Vokes" in raised letters on the front top and the word "Guildford" on the front bottom. Is this correct? PJ
Paul Jennings

Hi, Paul.

There's a thread and discussion from 2002, with close-up pics which might be useful. See:


- Tom.
Tom Bennett

Tom, Their exactly like the ones I just got from Moss! She was going to buy me a set of Whitworth tools, but being I have so many tools, I opted for the air cleaners, now glad I did. PJ

Mine look like these;

Paul Jennings

Paul ..look like the real deal (at least what I can see in the pic.)
A few years ago these were getting pretty hard to find, before they came out with the repros they were featching fairly silly prices if you could find them. Wanna take a quess how I know this? I paid way too much for my orginals, but wanted to have them.
I still run the little chrome ones (K&H filters) that came with my car because they are much easier to get on and off.
Doubt there are too many people that could tell the differance between the repros & orginals!
Happy Bithday!
David Sheward

Meant to ask repros :
diamond or round holes in the mesh?
Gawd I hope ou say diamond so I can somewhat justify what I paid for mine! LOL
David Sheward

You mean they were not octagonal...???

I'm happy you got a set of Vokes from Moss. What a nice birthday gift! I was into that thread Tom B. brought up, a few months ago. I ended up finding a very nice original (round hole, part number) set, from the LaGrange Tx guy (before prices went up).
I was "this close" to buying from Moss, ready to return if not up to snuff. Thanks for buying and posting, so we TF owners know what they look like.

Tom Norby

I bought a "Vokes"wagen, I mean VW dune buggy chrome aircleaner for a TD, $10.95.
Nice part about a single carb on Marshall blower, only need 1 aircleaner. I did spend about half a day machining aluminum block for an adapter, but that was fun and gratifying. Wife loves it, and that's what counts.
Jim Northrup

Round holes on the original mesh, and a part number lightly stamped under the "VOKES". All in a black finish, probably gloss.

Matthew Magilton

The Moss repos have the diamond mesh and no part number. But unless your a concourse judge, no one will ever notice the difference. They look very nice. These were $221.95 for the set, I'd hate to see what someones asking for a set of originals. But if you think about it, with the new trend in asking %50 of the new stuffs price for used parts, then a 110 bucks should get an original pair, right? Joke Joke!
You know, My first restored car was 45 years ago, a 1932 Chevy rumble seat coupe. Show winner. Since that time there have been other antique cars I've restored and I never heard of asking %50 of the parts price when new for a used piece that needs total restoration, until I got this TF. Personally, I think some of these parts prices are blown way out of proportion for personal gain. What a shame, as it hurts the hobby. Don't take offense, Just my honest opinion. PJ
Paul Jennings

PJ, I know what you are saying. being patient and watchful, a guy can get some bargains on the ebay. I paid 200 bucks for my original pair of filters this year, and they were in great shape. Got a NOS chrome fuel tank side panel for 15 and a very nice radiator nose piece with dummy rad cap for 40. My wife teases me mercilessly as I watch auctions, but I enjoy the occasional true bargain.
I would never be the guy who paid 120 for the pedal extenders! I'm too cheap.
Tom Norby

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