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MG TD TF 1500 - Vokes filter element

Ive picked up a pair of unrestored Vokes air cleaners for my TF on E-Bay. Question, while I plan on replacing the felt rings, just wondering if it is possible to clean the screen element with petrol and reuse rather than buy Moss replacements. Anyone have experience with the Moss products? Also plan on replacing a few of the bolts with Moss replacements.
Jeff Payne

Can't seem to locate the receipt (for part #)...but I took mine to Jeggs and we were able to find a single K&N filter that when cut in half fit great in there.
Just cleaned up the outer screens and you really have to look close to see the red filter inside. This works better than the "felt" replacement I got from local Tractor Supply Co. store.
David , 55 TF1500 #7437
David Sheward

My filters cleaned up well using petrol and an old paint brush. Just needs some care not to drag away any wire strands from the edges.
John James

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