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MG TD TF 1500 - Warning light

Hi can anyone help me with this please I've just bought my first classic car a 1954 mg tf and the red light is staying on. The mechanic says the dynamo is charging but I'm not sure any advice please. Thanks Derek
D Barnett

If you have a voltmeter use it to check battery voltage engine not running. should be 12 volts. Check with engine running at 200 RPM and it should read 14.6 volts. If not then you need to have generator and voltage regulator checked by an automotive person that knows what he's doing.
Ther should be other MG owners in your area that can point you in the right directioon.
If you were in naples Florida I would do it for free.

Thanks for your help Sandy I've been in touch with with an old friend who is going to be able to check out the electrics for me. Thanks again. Derek
D Barnett

I think you mean 1200 RPM not 200 RPM.

One way I use to check Lucas dynamos is to disconnect the two wires to the dynamo, connect a jumper wire between the two terminals and with a volt meter from this wire to ground, start the car at an idle watch the voltage as you slowly increase the RPM. It should rise but do not run it over about 16 volts. This test is to self energize the dynamo field with the output. If the test is good the issue is likely with the car wiring or the regulator.
John Quilter (TD8986)

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