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MG TD TF 1500 - Wendler TD

Refering to an earlier thread about special coachwork on MG TD's I found a Wendler TD for sale on the internet at . It says that it still has its original Papp-brief[cardboard-letter], which means its original registration papers, in which a maximum of 6[or maybe 8] previous owners can be registered before it is replaced by a follow-up-document.
The front of the car looks modernised to me with the MG A style mask, but it has chronometric instruments. Being a rare car, the price of 9900 euro's is interesting but of course we do not know what is underneath the pretty skirt.

F.P. van Geldern

I had never heard before of "Wendler" TD and I think for such unknown cars some description should have been given. I found it at the URL given (German speaking is very useful), and rare or not I still prefer the standard shape of my 1950 TD.

Denis L. Baggi

Your right... interesting from a historical perspective, but pretty ugly.....
g.b.lawson '53TD

What is the secret to getting on to that url. I typed it in exactly as listed to no avail.
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

I just copied (cut and paste) the url and pasted it into the address field of my browser... just took me there now...(add the http://) bit or paste after it?
g.b.lawson '53TD

I could not get through the normal ways but on going to Google and then using his name the site came up. It was the last car on his list of cars for sale.
I am almost positive that it is the mock-up model that Syd Enever had made in 1950 or so and the car supposedly ran at Lemans. It had a TD frame and running gear. I will get into my books tomorrow and locate the actual photo of the Mg produced car.
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

This must be a dealer in strangemobiles. Look at the Jaguar XK-150 complete with V-12 Automatic Climate control, sun roof and totally changed front end, It is a complete front end that pivots up from the front. wings and all like the E-type.
conrad sanders

Even better is the: Messerschmitt TG 500 at the top of the list... "oh, my gawd"!!!
Remember a place in London, Ont. that i took my father's AH3000's wire wheels for repair and paint. It was a low warehouse along the tracks (?) and they had about 5 Messerschmitts along the roof (inside). Wonder what ever happened to them? (this was '66).
g.b.lawson '53TD

On checking the photos this morning I find that I was mistaken. This German car is definitly different as there was no door cutouts on the LH side for the Lemans car driven by Phillips, the headlights were in the upper portion of the front wings, the bonnet was more like the present MGA and the flared upper portion of the front wings went directly back to the rear wings. The upper portion where one would rest your arm was at the upper wing level and not as pictured by the German car.
The registration of the MG factory car was UMG-400
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

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