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MG TD TF 1500 - what can you get for $4000 these days?



motor, carbs and tranny were rebuilt at a John Twist seminar and hadn't been installed.


must be $600.00 worth of books


boxes and boxes of parts some new nos Lucas mirrors


It's like Christmas. Lots of new stuff to


besides the new steering wheel there are a couple of wood rim jobs


along with the new Moss alloy tappet cover here is another alloy job


New head light bucket in one box, new black piping, new body rubber kit. Some new wood. Didn't get to look at it all as my daughter was in a hurry to get the traler unloaded. I'm thinking I did good.


Nice it when both the buyer and the seller walk away happy.
Gene Gillam

Wow Laverne! Congratulations, this is the best buy I have ever seen. And also for us BBS'ers of course because now we can certainly expect another at least two years exciting restorers story. Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

OMG... well done.... amazing find and probably one of the 'best' deals in the last, well, few years at least....!!!

Obviously, a lot! Have you read John Twist's University Motors Technical Book (the yellow GBC bound volume shown in your picture)? I love that collection of information. Probably the best rebuild checklist on an XPAG and Gearbox ever assembled.

I'm pretty happy for you. Congratulations on the excellent find!

Dave Braun

Way to go Laverne. Nice buy. You mentioned previously of doing this one with mods. Have you decided to still go that route or for originality?

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

WOW ...what a find! The "gawd's" of Abingdon have certainly smiled on you! Looks like it will be Christmas for quite sometime in CO. Looking forward to seeing what else you find in your "booty boxes"!

P.S. Should you open a box and find the attached, I would be happy to take it off your hands for a few hundred dollars. LOL

Cheers...and thanks again for the info from servo city.
David 55 TF1500 #7427

David Sheward

WOW Laverne, I couldn't believe that you were even hesitating! Sort of like coming upon that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and saying NO THANKS! Have fun!
Steven Tobias

I didn't go through the boxes when I went to look at it and just assumed that they were parts that came off the car and would need to be renewed or replaced. not counting the engine which I can see has a new ring gear, clutch and pressure plate or tranny and carbs, I did a little quick calculation andthere is at least $ 1300.00 of new unopened Moss parts. And I haven't looked in all the boxes. My aprehension to buy was two fold. One the economy is in the tank and the money might have been better spent on something else. Two I'm having some big issues with my neck and shoulder not to mention knees and I'm not sure if I'm going to be up to the task. I guess we will find out.

Dave I really hope that servo turns out to be the ticket for Izzy. I'll try and see if I can figure out a way to measure the lbs of force its gonna take. Thanks for the gracious offer. How could I refuse? If it's there you and me are gonna take a drive to the offices of the gray men in the thin suits and let em smoke the tail pipe.

Second and third your good fortune to deserved MG diehard! Reminds me (and still kick myself) of passing by a full parts car (minus the V8?+tranny someone dropped in it) for $300 30 yrs ago when I had just gotten my '52 (without dash/instruments+gray primer too) because didn't have place at the apt to store it or know better!
R Biallas

Sorry Dan I didn't mean to ignore you. Most likely go stock becuase of the rebuilt drive train. I should have a better grip on it in a couple weeks when I get a better look at it.

... any water pump seals ??

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

See there? Good things can happen to good people. Shoot me a pic of that pedal box when you get a chance. Congrats Dan Craig
Dan Craig

Oh boy! Have fun. Post pictures of the progress. I'm sure I'll learn something!!
efh Ed

Well I just added upthe new Moss parts and it came out to $1800.00 worth of new stuff not including what's in the engine or tranny. I'm starting to feel guilty. This doesn't even include the N/A Lucas stuff.

Think I should send him some more money ?

The book in the upper right corner titled "Original MG T Series" is excellent and unfortunately out of print. My father-in-law bought me a copy on ebay when I first purchased my TD in 2006. He paid a premium for it. It is very well written with fantastic photos.

As I scanned your other photos I remembered your first thread on this car, when you told us about it and you went to look it over. I think you mentioned that the owner was divorced and was forced to sell.

Judging by the quantity and quality of parts, the owner obviously had invested a lot of money in his project.

I was feeling bad for the guy, but I actually believe that everything worked out the way it should have. Kismet or something. You are one of the most dedicated MG enthusiasts on this BBS. You did not buy this car, you have merely taken temporary ownership of the car. You will restore it and take good care of it so that 50 years from now, someone else will have the pleasure of owning it. Assuming that the p[revious owner is a fellow MG enthusiast, I am sure that he would agree.

Just think of this deal as partial payment for all of the advice you have given us over the years.

Enjoy it and good luck!
Mike Iandolo

Congrats on another project Laverne. If your going to do a project TD, looks like you have a great one to do it with. May have enough extras to cover some of the work.


Hi Laverne, If it gets too much for you I will be prepared to take it off your hands!!!!

Good Luck,

David Tinker

To elaborate on what Mike said above, I bought my Clausager "Original MG T Series" on Ebay for $85. I've seen a couple go for less since then, but not much less! Lots of valuable stuff here.



Allen Bachelder

I already had the Claussinger book and the New England T book and the T restoration book so those will be looking for a new home soon.

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