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MG TD TF 1500 - What does your insurance cost?

I added my TD (got it last month) to my '34 'rod's Grundy policy. I braced myself for another $600.00+ quote....

$64.00. The difference is due in part to horsepower. The TD doesn't have any.



That for 6 months, Mitchell?
Dan Craig

Yea, sorry. 6 months.


Awful cheap. What is your "agreed upon value"?
efh Haskell

I have six cars insured with Grundy, ranging from 1925 through 1969. Costs about $750 per year combined. And their claims are the most painless I've ever seen.
Steve S

IIRC, $27K. If I ever restore it, I'll need to pick that up a bit. The '34 is $70K.

2nd, 3rd, 4th cars will always cost less. They know you can only drive one or two at a time and limited use means they aren't daily drivers so mileage is usually very low.

I have Haggerty and don't have a clue what it costs! Not my department. The wife takes care of that and has for years. If she became incapable of doing it, I'd be out in left field somewhere. I don't even know how to program the check writer and really don't want to know. Her secretarial skills shine. She's also a damn good cook, reason I've kept her for so long! LOL!
Paul S Jennings

I insured the TF via a classic car insurance specialist for about 60. They still tried to sell me extra cover for a stereo system and asked if the car had a factory fitted imobiliser.

Jan T
J Targosz

Who did you use please?
Dave H
Dave Hill

Foremost Insurance Company through J.C. Tailor
MG-TD 1953. Limited driving. Other than Collision and Collision.
Agreed value $30,000. Held and stored in Maine.
Liability Combined Single limit (each accident) $300,000
Medical Payments (Each Person) $2000
Uninsured Motorist Each Accident $300,000

Total coat $283.00 yearly.
The quote form Haggerty was worse.
R. D. Jones

Our national classic vehicles association has negotiated a super deal; I pay 50 USD per year for my TF for full cover - third parties etc and damage to my vehicle limited to 40.000 USD. No recording of mileage, but I need to have a modern (post 1985 ) car as well, and a valid membership in a classic car club.


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

Rod, if you're interested in saving money, you might want to give Grundy a call. My TC is insured for slightly more than your TD, and my premium is half of yours. I do have multi car discounts though. Then again, for $100 savings per year it might not be worth leaving a company you're comfortable with.
Steve S

I thought the fine print on these policies state that you can only drive them at "shows" and in "parades" or something like that. They said if you drive it daily or more often that that you need to call your regular auto insurer. Yes? No?

SJC - yes, most, if not all such policies contain language limiting the use of the car. They usually also include driving it to and from shops for repairs and maintenance. They cover such as driving as a part of club activities, too.
Most insurers understand that the cars see some recreational use, and they are seeking to ensure that nobody is using it as a frequent driver.
Antique registration in most states shares many of those same limitations.
I try to get in a drive in each of my cars at least every other week, weather permitting. The thought of ethanol laced fuel sitting in place for too long, attracting water and going stale is bothersome. In this context driving is a kind of maintenance in its own right - not that an insurer will necessarily agree.
As for parades, now way. Neither of my cars will sit at little over idle inching along in 1st gear operating at a ridiculously high temperature for the better part of an hour. Much better to be on some back road at 45-50 MPH keeping moving parts seated, cooled and lubed.
Just my thoughts.

Bobby Galvez

My 52 TD is insured for $40k with Hagerty and I pay $350-$400 a year.

Rich King TD 8732


I guess my point or question was that if you were to get in an accident while driving not in a "parade" or "show" would you be covered? When I was talking to them direct they made it somewhat clear the answer was no.

Maybe I'm overanalyzing this but even though $500/yr or so for insurance is not too bad, what value is it if it doesn't cover anything? There's no liability either and I doubt my Allstate policy would cover that.

Am I wrong about this?


You need to ask those kinds of questions. When I asked, everyone else said no while Grundy said yes. They have the loosest restrictions of all the companies I called, which is important because I drive nothing but old cars. I can elaborate more on what they told me if you want to shoot me an email.

The primary restrictions with any classic insurer are that you cannot use it as a daily driver, for business, or for daily errands. It must be "pleasure driving" only. Each company has its own definition of what pleasure driving is, so ask questions.

I have my daily driver '67 insured on a standard policy, and the rest of the old cars on a classic policy.

Rich, $400 per year for a TD seems really high. I have six cars insured for about $750, and one of them is insured for as much as your TD.
Steve S

IMHO, I would be cautious about couverage for the accident that might occur during recreational or vacation driving,, vs "show or Club" events.

Steve Wincze

As a side note to this discussion, if I do go to a club event three or four days away from home. And then decide to go "further away than normal", I can take out an additional, at the normal rate of my personal car insurance, usually about $42 for three days. And more for longer periods of time, for my extended stay.

Where I live we have two categories for our cars,Vintage which is quite restricted and Collector, where you can't take it to work or school, but just about anything else.
But there is no way I'm going to take it to pick up groceries etc.

C B Ryley

I have my insurance with USAA (United Services Automobile Association, i.e. military former and active). Our 'normal' autos are under USAA and they use American Modern for the 'special' cars. We pay $179/year which covers $300,000 each accident, $100,000 uninsured, $10,000 medical/hospital each person plus a few other things at no extra charge.

I have had no claims with Amer. Mod. but I would guess it would be the same as USAA which is pretty good.

LD Kanaster

That's what Grundy told me. I just don't understand the difference between pleasure driving and picking up the groceries. It's kind of silly imo.

Steve W, I'm fully covered on vacation travel with Grundy. I told them that I go on extended driving tours, sometimes thousands of miles. They said that's pleasure driving in their book, so no problem. It's my daily driver that is the problem, because it isn't no a classic policy. I got rear-ended by a truck once and it was a fight to get the repair value. But there is no way to insure it as a classic unless I drive a modern car to work instead, and that ain't gonna happen!

Steve C, I also inquired about errands. They don't want you to do daily duties with the car, but if you need to stop and buy milk on the way home from a Sunday drive then that's ok. The rules as written are mainly to keep people from taking advantage.
Steve S

Grundy had no problems with my (unfortunately cancelled) 3,000+ mile trip last year. Bud
Bud Krueger

Vacation, recreational, groceries, maintenance.....

I think the main thing is that you primarily drive something else, the 'special' car for secondary uses and the amount of driving is irrelevant because they don't have the slightest idea how many miles we drive our classics and hot rods. My '34 and TD coverage each restricts drivers to 25 year old +. That they CAN check in the event of a claim.

Groceries... I take the '34 or the TD to the store all the time. It's part of their maintenance routine. Out to check on the timing, stop at the store on the way home. They really don't care as long as you aren't driving to/from work or for hire such as a wedding using wedding cars tonbridge.

Antique car club events where you and the club are compensated a minimal fee have always been considered recreational and exhibition. Lord knows we aren't making any income on this.


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