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MG TD TF 1500 - What is the most useful tool

I have raised this topic befor but I think it was on the Pre War site. I have a good selection of hand tools collected over many years. I also have a pedistal drill/miller a centre lathe and gas and MIG welding equiment. Despite some of these costing 1000 plus the tool I simply cannot do without is my hot air paint stripper gun. I have recently been covering some trim panels and have used the gun to dry them before spraying glue, to warm the vinyl so it will stretch, to dry aersol paint, to quicken the curing of bondo, to dry off degreased parts etc. etc. etc. The only tool that comes a far off second is my Dewalt cordless drill and in fact I have two. One was bought brand new along with two batteries and the other second hand - for sale because the batteries had failed, cost was minimal. I find the drill very useful for tapping screw threads. You can hold it square to the hole and let the motor do the work - especially the unscrewing. I find with a tap wrench it is easy to tilt the tap and end up with a drunken thread.

Jan T
J Targosz

air compressor and good air tools. Sheet metal niblers, die grinders, impacts, air nozzle, etc.

I can't imaging trying to get by without my compressor.

All the individual hand tools go without question. Love the look on friends faces when they read the labels on my tool box...Metric, SAE, Whitworth.

huh....what's that. :)
L Rutt

Paint stripper gun huh? Never used one. I'm sure when I get around to the paint work I'll probably need one.
For me, I guess it would be my 4 1/2 grinder. I use it for everything; cleaning, stripping, sanding, grinding, cutting... I really need two, I spend so much time switching from wire brush to grinder to cutter and back again... I have 4 drills, one cordless, two variable power, one ancient metal Sears half inch drill for when I really need power. And a table top drill press for accurate drilling.
Tool I most want? Sandblaster cabinet, probably.
Geoffrey M Baker

My motto is "you can never have enough tools".
I would have to say my sand blasting cabinet is one of my most useful tools because I can still remember derusting with a wire brush on a drill, now it takes minutes or seconds what use to take hours.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor

Wow... good question.

As with others, my compressor is the heart of things, so I'd be loathe do do without it. It runs my air hammer, impact gun, air ratchet and air sander... but most importantly it runs my blast cabinet which has saved me more hours than I could ever count.

Among the other extremely useful tools:

- JetSetter (seen in my previous posts on carb tuning)
- UniSyn carb air balancer
- gunson's ColorTune fuel mixture tool
- Snap-On ratcheting open-end wrenches (real time saver)
- Cornwell "TR32" shorty 3/8" ratchet handle (gets into tight spaces)
- Bench lathe (makes all those small, stupid parts and fasteners you simply can't find anymore).
Kevin McLemore

I've found that it's the one you do not own :-))

Never sell any tools

There is a place for cheap tools like pawn shop wrenches when it comes to grinding or bending them to fit certain needs

My most used tool is probably the digital calipers. Favorite, well just like the kids and grand-kids I love them all.
Dave Clark Arizona

The most useful tool is a flat bladed screw driver...clear winner for me in the variety of uses in levering, poking, scraping and of course screwing.

D Moore

I love tools, especially old hand tools that I proudly display on my pegboard so friends can ask what they are (nothing special - just a collection of odds and ends). My radial arm saw and drill press are Craftsman circa 1955. Nonetheless, the tool I've use the most lately and couldn't get by without is this bbs. Jud
J K Chapin

My favorite tool? LaVerne Downey!
efh Haskell

Appropriate admission Ed. That one made me laugh, as I can add a ditto to that: LaVerne just mailed me the centering tool for when I get ready to hook up the tranny to the engine.

John Brickell

I think Jud hit it on the head. My most useful tool for the last 4 years has been this BBS.
Nothing else even comes close.
I asked myself "What would I miss the most if I did not have it?" This BBS.
If I had to choose between anyone of my tools and this BBS I would sacrifice the tool.

PS: Thank you all once again!
Mort 50 TD

My iPad! I have a fully stocked three bay garage with a two post lift. I have music or the radio (app) playing all the time, can answer emails on the fly, and bring it to whatever I am working on. I can take a digital picture, pull up a PDF diagram, workshop manual or forum for whatever I am working on. Often, it is this forum.
D. Sander

Forgive me , but apart from the above I think the best tools are : common sense, patience, a deep pocket. Not particular in this order.
Sorry could not resist.

Gerard Hengeveld

Back to tools...nothing beats an adjustable crescent wrench...doesn't matter if it's if its metric, SAE, BSF, Whitworth...whatever...that adjustable crescent wrench has taken it off or tightened it up at least once.
Gene Gillam

I agree with Richj. Never have too many tools. I go to a local flea market every Sunday and almost always find a new old tool to bring home.

Most of what I have are older tools. Two 1950's shopsmiths, older skill grinders, saws, drills.

Best tool is the internet. I look items up pretty much Dailey.

Just picked up a 1943 monarch 10ee lathe. As have it up and running as soon as the power company gets the three phase hooked up.
Bruce Cunha

I always keep a BSA bike spanner in the roll. 4 sizes in the one tool, fits a heck of a lot of TF nuts, and very small for tight spaces around the engine such as the manifold-tailpipe flange nuts.
Pic of my collection. The one in the centre is extra large. I found it at a swap meet and is the only one I have ever come across.


M Magilton

Best tool I possess is my Laptop Computer it enables me to utilize the people and resources on this BBS and others associated with the ownership of 3 other cars and my boat.
G Evans

8" bench grinder and polishing pad on the other side. And of course the air compressor which is not optional :-)
Christopher Couper

A vice,a "LARGE VICE"...with protector plates.It is like another pair of hands.
C B Ryley

I like G Evans idea about his lap top! Without mine and being able to communicate with everyone on this and other sites, I'd be another 10 years finishing this TF and then it would probably not be correct. It's like coming out of a shell, so to speak and meeting a world full of nice knowledgeable people! Wouldn't trade it for anything! PJ
Paul S Jennings

Then again, although not essential but helpful, is the Romba my wife bought for my shop. Haven't swept the floor in three years. I've become a lazy sob. Jud
J K Chapin

Barry, like this?

J K Chapin

Ball-Peen Hammer!
(assorted sizes dependent on job @ hand)

And then there is this:

Seriously: The "New Parts Machine" would be one of my favorites. Old rusted parts go ones come out. I love my media blasting cabinet!

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Getting close Jud.
C B Ryley

Dial indicator caliper, Micrometers up to 6".
A 6 inch steel rule.
A pair of magnetic base dial indicators, &
Degree wheel for cam timing.
Brass drifts, aluminum soft jaws for the vise.
Bench grinder, wire wheel.
An air hammer / chisel, when all else fails!!! :)
And many work shop manuals on hand.
Len Fanelli

"Romba" would choke to death before it got half way across my floor!
Rethinking "most useful" ...definitely 2 post lift.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

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