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MG TD TF 1500 - What Size Exhaust Pipe Clamps?

I'm making up a large order for Moss, included is a complete stainless exhaust system. Moss has new stainless clamps made in Spain, but I'm not sure what size to get as they come in 3 or 4 sizes. They don't say what the diameter of the exhaust pipes are. I need this to get the right size clamps. Anyone have a measurement? Also, has anyone used these clamps? PJ
P S Jennings

I'M SUPRIZED THAT THE VERY EXPENSIVE SS SYSTEM DOESN'T COME WITH CLAMPS!!!!!!!!!! If it doesn't include clamps, can't Moss tell you what size to use for the system that THEY are supplying?????

Steve Wincze

Word to the wise, there are many things Moss has that are higher quality or signifigantly less expensive than Abingdon Spares. There are also many things that Abingdon Spares has that are signifigantly higher quality or less expensive than Moss.
I have purchased SS exhausts from Moss and have been less than impressed. The quality of the stainless is low, and the fit is poor. Abingdon, on the other hand, has high quality exhausts with a great fit.
D. Sander

I think Moss is hit and miss. Some say their Moss systems were a nightmare to install and required modification and others say they bolted right up. I also have the stainless from Moss which I think is Falcon brand made in England and would also like to know what size clamps to use. If there are any Moss employees out there maybe you can tell us why a complete stainless exhaust system doesn't come with clamps or hangers.

Richard Taylor TD3983

I put a Moss stainless system on the wifes MGB and was very pleased with it. It bolted right up with no issues. It's been on there since 05 and it still looks great. What can I say. We'll see when it arrives. PJ
P S Jennings

Did anyone not know the size for the stainless steel clamps. I have seen more input from an ebay bashing.
Richard Taylor TD3983

The pipe hangers are cad plated steel with rubber isolators bonded to them. Some people reuse them. Why should Moss supply them if not everyone wants them? I did modify the rear hanger attach to lower the exhaust pipe relative to the side curtain box. Regarding the gear box bracket and clamp (not rubber isolated): I also made a stand-off bolt to install the clamp at the gear box a bit further from the floor.

I used ordinary cad plated steel muffler clamps with my Moss stainless steel exhaust system, which bolted up nearly perfectly on the first try (see the above comments about hangers). I too had heard horror stories, so I was surprised. The hangers can be picked up anywhere once the box is opened and the pipes measured. If you want SS hangers, just get some after the fact.

You have to realize gentlemen, that commenting on an ebay listing doesn't require crawling under a car and measuring exhaust pipes. Also, although I am somewhat detailed, recording the exact size of the exhaust clamps at the time of purchase was, as my old college math professor used to say "an exercise for the student."

These aren't kit cars. You have to use some dilligence in determining what will work and how to do it, and not every answer will be on-line or on a web site. Some have to come from your own efforts.

Dave Braun

Yours might not have been a kit car Dave but mine was. It had been almost totally dismantled, body, interior, dash; pratically every last nut and bolt had been pulled off and thrown in cans,jars, and boxes without the slightest reference what went where. I have studied catalogs, manuals, books, web-sites and the archives for 3 years to put all those parts back together so I think that could be considered effort. As far as diligence goes if I had taken it apart every nut and bolt would have been bagged and tagged and meticulously documented but I didn't have that option.
I could have purchased a car already restored for much less but it gives me satisfaction that instead of being parted out somday all those parts will be a car again.
Your right, I could have walked down into the basement and measured my stainless exhaust which is what I would have done anyway but I guess I just like to get input from others and compare to my findings.
Sorry, next time I will only ask complex questions and leave the mediocre questions for the students.
Richard Taylor TD3983

I think the only way to know the clamp size is to measure the pipe OD and purchase accordingly. Or ask the supplier to measure. I'm sure there is variation from brand to brand, etc. and I have no clue whatsoever what size is on my SS exhaust. I do remember having to re-drill the hangar holes (diagonal as supplied- straight on the frame brakets) and extend one about an inch. Not sure if my system was from Moss or Abingdon. George
George Butz

Richard - I understand your defensiveness, but you also have to realize the number of basic posts that can be answered from other, very accessible, sources -like the Moss catalog or a phone call to Moss, a check of the BBS archives, or even a quick look at the WS manual. Everyone who answers posts here is interested in helping by sharing their knowledge and experience - especially to encourage a new owner - but the same questions get asked over and over, and it does get frustrating.

There are enough after-market suppliers that there will be no easy answer to the exhaust clamp question, and you are better off either calling Moss or waiting until it arrives to measure it. Now, asking whether a particular part from one supplier is better or worse than from another is a more 'helpful' question of general interest.

t lange

I'm sorry you took offense, Rich. I guess it was the implication that we were holding out on the information that prompted me to write my somewhat caustic reply.

Your car in pieces is not a kit car, nor was mine before or after I took it apart. The point is that there is not a 'tab A, slot A' write up on these cars. The factory substituted parts and hardware as supplies merited.

Heck, I'm amazed sometimes that there even exists the specific knowledge of what bolt goes where. And if you do find someone who claims to know exactly how something goes, someone else will just as likely claim to know the opposite. Add into the mix 60 years of PO interference and dubious suppliers and you have a hodge-podge.

I didn't say the question was mediocre, but we are faced with inconsistent aftermarket supplies and not one of us is working on an assembly line of more than one car (well, most of us anyway). You have the ability to go downstairs and measure your exhaust and source your clamps. I have the ability to crawl under a car and perhaps I have the same diameter of system as you purchased. Or perhaps not. I can tell you that the system I removed was a lot smaller in diamter than the one I replaced it with, but you can see that in my photos. I simply don't know, and I bet no one else knows what clamps he put on his system, regardless of their willingness to discuss an ebay offering in detail.

When my my old college math professor used to say "an exercise for the student" he meant that it was enlightening to figure it out, devise a proof, or work a tedious problem to better discover the truth. In our restorations we try techniques, fabricate our own replacements, commission work, and source our parts to the best of our abilities and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I like to point out to those who are willing to listen that I did many things on my car not once, not twice, but three times before I was satisified. I'm not done because there are still some things that need to be tried again.

I think my very first question on this forum was how to remove the rear shock lever link from the rear spring bracket. Someone kindly pointed out to me that I needed a small needle nose vice grips (thanks Dave DuBois!!) a tool I didn't own, but have used countless times since. It made me realize that simple solutions are there for opening the eyes. So go ahead and ask questions, mediocre or complex, but don't lambast the lack of an answer. Sometimes the real answers are in the lack of the response.

Dave Braun

My stainless exhaust system came with my last order from Moss and it's a Falcon, made in England. It is a first rate system and I'm very pleased. The tri flange on the head pipe is 1 third thicker than the old pipe I took off. Also the pipe is made from heavier tubing. The muffler is also very well made! PJ
P S Jennings

I just installed my new SS exhaust pipes, brackets and muffler from Moss last night. The muffler to pipe compression clamps are 1 7/8". Those I purchased at the local parts store $1.40 each. My rear pipe segment would not fit into the rear bracket (hitting on the differential shaft housing) regardless of how I positioned it. I had to add a 1.5" extension to the rear bracket. I now have 1/4" clearance. It's also a bit tight on the trans bracket.

Mike Hart (52 TD 16378)

If there is a club or you know of other T owners, it might be an idea to have everyone over for a beer and a 'where the hell does this go' party...its amazing how you start to recognize specific nuts, bolts, etc and what they are for..... a few freezer bags and a black magic marker and you are a bit further along....

good luck.... they are great fun cars to put together.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Dave, sorry if you mistook my ebay remark as caustic or criticize for lack of response. Many times when among friends we prod and jab in jest to get answers without meaning anything by it. I forgot I am but a stranger, my apologies.

Regardless PJ is correct my Moss system is also Falcon brand and seems to be very well made. Mike is also correct I measured the pipe this evening and it is 1-3/4" dimeter coming out of the muffler so the 1-7/8" clamps should be the size needed. It was also interesting to reconfirm necessity of rear bracket extension, I had read it on your site but with my memory it never hurts to reconfirm small but useful details.

Richard Taylor TD3983

I haven't tried to fit the system on my car yet, but if not allowing for the proper clearance is a popular mistake, it doesn't make sense why this hasn't been corrected by now. I'll probably have the same issues. PJ
P S Jennings

Hi All When I fitted my Falcon exhaust system I found that the tail pipe was not quite the same as the original one I removed from the car. The original would lay flat on the floor. The Falcon had a bend left (or right)that I had to take to a muffler shop to have removed. Then if fitted up quite well.

Also had to get new hangers because it was TF size not original TD size.
Bob Jeffers

Interesting Bob, my old pipe is almost straight also. I might be off to the muffler shop too, we'll see. PJ
P S Jennings

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