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MG TD TF 1500 - What's up with this T Series car?

Hello All
I know this is the TD forum, but I’m thinking of bidding on this TC for sale on eBay. I know sometimes we have critiqued cars for sale on eBay, here. What’s up with this car. Dose any one know what’s up with the bonnet. What are the extra set of hinges for and no lovers on the bonnet panels. I’ve sent seller a question on engine and body numbers and why no pictures of the engine compartment and under side of the car. Is this for real or some hybrid kit car? The seats appear to be from an Austin Healy or something else? No mention of the top frame or side curtains or frames. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated. John

Item number: 200013018309I
Hope I linked it properly and spelling is correct?
John Hambleton

Try the item number again...or copy the address up in the URL field...Didn't find a TC listed without lovers??????
gordon lawson

I finally found the car,, had to search ebay with out the last "I" in the number... I believe some one made the bonnet, and wanted it to open like the hood of a newer car,

Steve Wincze

Sorry about that, getting older and computer illiterate is not a good thing!,1&item=200013018309&ih=010&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
and mean while back at the ranch, I mean eBay, It sold for “ buy it now for $11,500”
Old MG collector’s saying “Early bird gets the worm and “He who hesitates is lost! In this case lost the TC for me! Thanks John (still looking for my next project)
John Hambleton

John, you may be the lucky one. Start pricing what is missing and/or wrong: seats, steering wheel, etc. The bonnet mechanisms would have to be returned to original, likely wood shot, and the motor would need to be rebuilt. No doubt would cost a ton more to restore than one already correctly finished. George
George Butz

I wouldn't have paid $11½ g's for that TC. George is spot on the money with his assessment.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Boy, some people hide their auctions well...didn't come up with the regular 'mg t' or 'mgtc', etc.
What are those little hooks on the top of the bonnet? Those look to be 15" wires? Thought at first the two front fenders didn't match (new old front edge)? Lots of Moss ordering for this one!
gordon lawson

I asked-----

I would be interested in bidding of this car, if you had more details and pictures of the engine compartment. Pictures of the underside of the car would help also. Do the numbers on the engine match the numbers on the maker plates on the tool box? Do the numbers on the maker plates match the numbers on the brass tag on the engine block? What are the extra set of hinges on the top of the Hood/ bonnet for? The seats appear to be out of an Austin Healy 3000? Is there a top and side curtain? Are the frames included? Hopefully this is a real MG TC and not some Kit car replica? Thanks John
Note! Spelling corrected by spel check on computer!

He answered----
“The car is sold and on it's way back to England. I sure as hell hope I would know the difference between a TC and a kit car.”

I thought, me too! Have a cool night, turn up the ac on your TD. John
John Hambleton

Nice cat.

That was going to be my question:
Did "Puss on Boot" go back to the UK with it!
More than I would have paid for what I saw......even if "puss puss" was with litter!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Gord L,
Those "hooks" or attachments on thebonnet are probably for a leather strap to hold the bonnet down.. With the rear hindge set up that is on this car, you wouldn't want the bonnet to fly up in your face when at speed !!!
Steve Wincze

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