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MG TD TF 1500 - Wheel Bearings - Front

I'm new to this list so hope I did this correctly!
Should the front wheel bearing (roller not tapered) on my 1954 mgtf be a pressed fit or a hand fit on the front axle spindles?
The reason I ask is that the left front inner bearing stayed on the spindle when I removed the brake drum and I had to use a puller to remove the bearing from the axle spindle. It wasn't difficult to get off when I used the puller, so it wasn't a tight pressed it. The right front inner bearing came off with the drum.
The reason I ask is that when I repacked the front wheel bearing on my 1949 TC (several years ago) I seem to remember the bearings fit on the axle spindle by hand pressure. I can't seem to find any reference in any shop manuals as to bearing fit.
Mark Stolzenburg
Chesterfield, Missouri, USA
Mark Stolzenburg

Mark most of bearings are hand fit tight but not all. I think it might be a difference in tolerances between the spindle and the bearing. I had one and one on my TD so I used some emery paper like a shoe shine rag and made the tight one fit a bit more loosely. Now both are a hand press fit.
Jim Merz

The TD/TF inner bearings seem to more often stick to the stub axle. While not a true press fit, the stub axle fit is tighter than the outer race is to the drum. George
George Butz


My bearings came out with my drums. I tapped them out with a punch. They weren't very tight. A bearing puller is something I've considered for a while.

Dave Braun

Aren't the bearings supposed to be put in the drum before it is put on the spindle ??? If I remember correctly, the manual states that if the inner bearing is on the spindle, it might be pushed further onto the spindle as the drum is tightened,,,,

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the bearings and seal must be in the hub before assembly,if not the seal will be displaced.
On mine the RH spindle is hand fit but the LH has to be pulled.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

On mine, the right bearing stayed on the shaft and the left came off with the hub.
A liberal amount of penetrating oil, a bit of time and RH came off the shaft by hand.

TD Hall

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