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MG TD TF 1500 - Wheel Cylinder Piston

Ordered front wheel brake cylinder piston and it doesn't look anything like the original. See picture. New one is brass, has rubber bushing front and rear, is longer than the original. Ordered from Abingdon Spares. 31-040. Is this the correct piston?

Michael Derrick

It appears to be the piston that came in some of ASL's repro cylinders a few years ago. I have one spare of these- piston exactly the same. I think it will actually work, as the extended base stubb bottoms in the bottom of the cylinder to stop retraction, rather than the spot-welded round piece. I think the notch cut in the piston top is the same width as the original sheet metal piece. Of course there is a modern lip seal, the spring/expander won't be used, and a seal at the top, which was unsealed (reallly poor design) on the originals.
George Butz

Yup. It fits. With brass sleeved cylinders, this new piston&gasket one piece is probably an improvement.
Michael Derrick

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