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MG TD TF 1500 - Wheel Cylinders

Does anyone know anything about the front wheel cylinders that Moss and Abingdon sell. Moss sells one for $65 each and Abingdon sells them for $138 each. What is the difference that makes the prices so far apart? Has anyone used any of these? Any problems?

Also, where might you find a grease nipple that will fit into the wheel cylinder so the piston can be forced out. Thanks for any info.... John
John O.


The grease fitting should be threaded 3/8 x 20 Whitworth. I used a readily found 10 mm grease fitting and the appropriate Whitworth die to rethread the fitting. With a grease gun I was able to push out some very stuck brake cylinder pistons.

Larry Shoer

The bolt size is a 5/16 - 20 BSF (only one Whitworth fasteners is used on the T series cars and it is not on the brake cylinders). Drill the bolt length wise and tap to accept any standard zerk fitting. I cut the one I made short (about 1/2 inch) so it won't bottom out in the cylinder. See picture below. Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

I've got the Moss ones all the way around. Have been on for about a 2 years with silicone fluid. No problems. Made by Delphi. Perhaps the Abingdon ones might be some old stock Lockheeds. I tried the grease gun trick and 130 lbs of compressed air on the 30 year unused cylinders to no avail. What did finnally work was boiling water for about 15 minutes. To gone for anything except a sleeve or replacement. Shot of the rear one.




Thanks for the correction. This is a mystery to me. I'm staring at a 10 mm grease fitting I rethreaded and just confirmed that it fits smoothly into an old brake cylinder I have. My label on the fitting says 3/8 x 20 Whitworth which, as you point out, is incorrect. Off to my dies I go and now can't find a single die that matches the thread on the grease fitting. Of course the one die I can't find is 5/16 x 20 BSF.

For all the confusion I've caused I can say that it is an easy matter to rethread a widely available 10 mm grease fitting if you have the correct die available and it works well to remove a stuck piston in the brake cylinder.

Larry Shoer

Larry - "Of course the one die I can't find is 5/16 x 20 BSF." Considering that is the most common thread in the T series cars, maybe you wore it out ;) Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

Another approach -- fill the wheel cylinder with grease and install a 5/16-20 BSF bolt. Tighten the bolt to force the grease into the cylinder. Add grease as needed and repeat until the piston is out. Not as dramatic as the grease gun routine, but it works fine and the only part needed is a readily available bolt.
Bud Krueger

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