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MG TD TF 1500 - Wheel Cylinders

In the process of redoing the wheel cylinders, I've found that they appear to be new. Only problem is, their coated with a grease inside that's about the consistency of Vasoline. The system had fluid in it, but for how long and how much the brakes were used is a mystery. Couldn't have been long or I would think the grease would be gone. The cylinders are in beautiful shape. On assembly, the book says soak all internal parts in brake fluid first, ok but, shouldn't the piston have a lubricant on it as it's not subject to any fluid? I would think that the aluminum cylinder would scar if the piston were left dry. Any input on this? Also, I put DOT 5 in the MGBs new system and it works very well, any discussion on putting it in the TF? Remember, the system is all new. PJ
P S Jennings

Use a FLAPS brake cleaner aerosol can to remove the gunk, and don't use any grease on the piston. The rubber cup washer is what needs lubrication, and I use whatever fluid I am going to use in the car as lubricant - not all "brake cylinder Assembly Fluid" is compatible with both types of fluid. The piston not going to harm the cylinder; it's a loose enough fit and pushes straight.

Flip a coin on the use of DOT5; I have never had a problem, and use it across the board where everything is new. Remember to flush the lines with alcohol. Prepare the cannons!

t lange

This will start a ton of posts....

Haven't had a problem with dot 5 in the 6 years its been in....haven't leaked any, haven't used any.... my mechanic hates it....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Search and read the archives on brake fluid.
George Butz

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