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MG TD TF 1500 - Wheel Spinner

Was at a flea market this weekend and picked up what looks like a new 2 lug spinner for wire wheels. Probably a repro as it is in new condition, but for 15 bucks, I figure it was worth picking up.

It has the MG logo in the center. I am thinking this is mgtf or MGA. I know my B does not have that.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

What thread is it, what side? I have the MG logo on the knockoffs on the 72 MGB, not original but Moss repos. 72s had nuts with no ears. They will not fit a T series, due to the course thread! PJ
Paul S Jennings

Sounds like a good buy. However, it will be interesting to see how well they resist marking when being hammered on tightly. I have some, which I have been hammering on and off HARD with a copper hammer since I was 16 (I am now 63) and they still have perfect shape, although the chrome has gone a bit dull. I recently bought a pair of nice bright chrome repros and when I tried hammering those on, the ears took on a different pattern with each blow of the copper hammer! The ears are as soft as butter! I took them off and went back to the originals. An image of an original is attached.

Bob Schapel

R L Schapel

I always use a pure lead hammer. It never leaves a mark or distorts the ears. PJ
Paul S Jennings

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