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MG TD TF 1500 - Where Does This Part Go?

Look at the TD Body Panels page of the Moss catalog, Page 29, Part #407-800 (Ref. 55) "Plate, master cylinder Inspection." I do not recall seeing this on my car. I'm still trying to solve the mystery of the big hole in the bottom of the pedal box that some of us seem to have.


L Karpman

I don't recognize that as a part for a LHD TD. If you look at the Moss web site they say it's applicable to the TC. The TC shows it on page 27 of the catalog as part number 62. It may be the master cylinder inspection plate for a RHD TD (similar to a TC). Someone out there that has a RHD may be able to confirm.

That's my best guess.
Roy Challberg

Perhaps it's the part for the early TD that did not have the sunken floor.

L Karpman

Larry, that's the master brake cylinder cover for a RHD TD, I guess TF too. I have this plate on my car, a RHD.
Jim Merz

I have one on my LHD 1950 TD. No sunken floor. It is how I add brake fluid into the MC

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