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MG TD TF 1500 - Where these ever NOT plated?

I have just finished making a pair of what Moss calls, "Bracket, headlamps". Not to be confused with THE "Headlamp Bracket".

My originals were butchered by a PO in during a radiator conversion. They were bent at a 90 degree angle.

My TD is of the vintage that had painted headlamps. The "Headlamp Brackets" were also painted and were in a condition where the surface was too rough to even consider painting.
The remains of the brackets show no sign of having been plated, although they may have been heated in the bending process and that could have removed and remaining plating

The Studs which secure the "Headlamp Brackets" to the "Bracket, Headlamps" also do not show any sign of plating.

I would assume that the bracket and studs were painted on this car but Moss seems to sell only plated ones.

Can any one confirm that some cares were painted?
The bracket in the middle came with a radiator tie bracket, but there was only one.

I needed to make another as since it was quite rough I made two.
The studs are original.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

My car is a '52, and they were painted...Don't know about other years.
E.B. Wesson

Thank you E.B. Mine is either a late 51' or very early 52'

In hindsight I should have used 303 stainless. then I could have polished it if needed.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

I ran into a guy who worked in Abingdon building MG TD's in the day, and he told me that they started painting the headlamp brackets because they cut chroming cost. On some cars they had one chrome and one bare steel so both got painted. The bolts that attach the headlamp bracket to the Bracket, Headlamp... were never plated. One of the guys at the end of the line had pots of paint and just brush painted them the colour of each car. I never asked about if the rad brackets were chrome or not.

Interesting fellow. I hope this helps you in some way.
C.R. Tyrell

My 51 TD has chrome plated "BRACKET, headlamp" attached to the Headlamp Bracket which is painted the body colour. This is original to my TD.

George Raham [TD4224]

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