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MG TD TF 1500 - which headlight bracket is correct?

i have a late 1950 TD. i have one headlight bracket that has studs down through the fender and the other has bolts up through the fender. which is correct? thank you. sincerely, tom
tm peterson

Studs. However, on my TD I have changed them all to stainless steel machine screws (full threads) from underneath, with stainless steel washers, to avoid rust problems. I welded over the tops of the holes in the brackets to create blind holes; this allowed me to spray paint the brackets.
Roger Wilson

Studs are original and the easiest in relation to fitting. You will find you have to lift the wing and to align bolt holes you will need three hands - studs just slip through. Roger's advice re stainless is excellent. Also don't bother with spray painting - get the brackets powder coated - a far, far superior job.

Jan T
Jan Targosz

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