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MG TD TF 1500 - who made the conversion to disk brake

I found a lot of information in the Archive, but now here the old wine in new bottles.
I thing about the conversion from the original drum brake to a disk system for the front axels. My motivation is to get a more effective brake system, because for towing my camping trailer as you can see in the picture enclosed.
It is important to me that I will not change something at the structure or on the remaining brake system. Safety fast!
Most I found in the archive deled with wire wheels but I will still use the pressed Steel wheels.
Who made this conversion successfully?
Who can recommend a source where to get the parts needed, for a reasonable price?
Any other recommendations will be appreciate.
Thank you

GK Guenter
L E D LaVerne

Thank you la Verne, but the link doesnít work
GK Guenter

Go to and search for your car.

P G Gilvarry

copy/paste without the 's' as "http". Bud
Bud Krueger

OK, it works now.
But the price uuiii
Any other source?
GK Guenter

Your alternative to the Willwood kit for steel wheels is to find used MGA disc brakes, hubs and wheels. They will look the part but since they are only 4 lug wheels you then have an issue with the spare. Some have done a full MGA replacement rear axle as well so that isn't an issue for them. The cost to do it would probably be in about the same ball park as the Willwood kit, with the hardest pieces to find being the MGA disc brake hubs.
L E D LaVerne

Mine are MGA and have been on the car since 06. I love them and got all the parts locally. I have wire wheels on mine, actually now my Nephew Scott's car. The work fine. I had wires on my wheels so did not have to go the 4 hole route.
TRM Maine

I'm wondering that there is not any other replacement coming from a standard modern car. I found a replacement set for disk and pats for just 145 Ä. It is clear for me that I need some more parts but the challenge is to find cheap components for this conversion.

GK Guenter

The problem and the high cost is finding or machining a suitable hub.
L E D LaVerne

La Verne,
this should be not an issue, I can do it myself.
More difficult will be the material specification and the dimension Drawing.

GK Guenter

We got a junk MGB (including wire wheel adapters) for $90 and switched the parts. Even added shiny new drilled & slotted rotors dirt cheap. Sold off the B parts for a tidy profit. Seats alone sold for more than we paid for the car.

I did add a proportioning valve (and dual circuit hydraulics) because it's my wife's car and she always hits the brakes very hard with no margin of safety. She lives for tire squeal taking corners and on every stop.

Don't expect more powerful braking. If they were that much better, you'd start to swap ends on a panic stop. The twin-leading-shoes front brakes are just as good and don't drag like discs do.

For higher hydraulic brake pressure, I went to a smaller bore master cylinder. That's higher pressure balanced front AND rear. If you want to keep the original look, sleeve your old master cylinder down.


Is there somebody who knows this conversion kit?

Is it possible to fit it on a TD?

Did somebody the Modification described here?
GK Guenter

Why would you want to buy the VW kit and spend a fortune converting it when you can get a new MGB conversion kit for about £139 or an MGA kit for about £200?
Both advertised on ebay uk right now.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Dave, thank you for your advice, but I'm not sure if we talk about the same think. In Ebay I cannot find a complete modification kit. What I can find is just a Disk and pad kit as a spare part. What Iím looking for is a complete conversion kit like the Wilwood set for front axle.

But here we talk about $ 1350.
Cheers, Guenter

GK Guenter

I think that the additional MGB parts you would need cost less than Wilwood.
Dave H
Dave Hill

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