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MG TD TF 1500 - wiper control wire

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What do I run the wire to that comes out of the driver's side wiper control knob? I took the dash apart some time ago and cannot remember what the wire connects to. It is rather long.

Ed Eastman
Ed Eastman

Ed -- That wire is the ground return for the windscreen wiper motor. You will find that it is connected to the chassis (frame) when the knob is in the run position (forward).

Any further questions??
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

The wire in question is coming out of the mechanism that is attached to the drivers side wiper control knob, and is just under the dash (not in the engine department).

My theory is that it interrupts the connection of the wiper motor if the wiper blades are out of sync and then when manually in sync it allows the connection to be made again and allows the motor to move the wipers again. Am I right? And if so, where does the wire go from the knob unit behind the driver's side dash.

Ed Eastman
Ed Eastman

A wire comes from the 2nd screw contact on the wiper motor to the switch, the return wire goes back to the wiper motor to a screw on the gear cover. (this grounds it)

Confusing because the switch is in the ground line, not the hot lead.
Don Harmer

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