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MG TD TF 1500 - Wire Wheel Hammer for TF

I notice that the $79,000 TF for sale on eBay ( has the "original" lead-head knock-off hammer. My car has a copper headed hammer, which I have always assumed was original to the car.

Is "original" lead another of the seller's hyperbolic notes?

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

BUT Tom,,,,

It has a >>genuine MG Mitten fitted cotton car cover,<< !!!! That's gotta be worth something!!!!

Steve Wincze

I looked at one of the vids. I think the yellow wire nut at the fuse box..... original. Yep. Lucas part.

$79K. Good luck. You can get an E-Type driver for that.

Black body piping??? I need look no farther at the car... the description is all BS....79 grand ...really??? I'll take that in a heart beat for mine with the blower and the 5 speed.

As for the hammer....I believe that the original knock offs were made from steel and could withstand the copper or rawhide hammers. The replacements are brass and lead is the only way to go IMHO.
MG LaVerne

Original was copper.
Christopher Couper

Original on TFs, had a steel body with copper inserts (no rawhide). A number '1' was evident on the body of the hammer.Produced by Thor?

With regard to TFs at least,the body of the hammer seems to have been painted a bright green in many cases.Can be witnessed in the toolkits around of well preserved fairly original cars.

Of course,as the Handbook indicates,there were tool parts supply issues from time to time during the T types manufacture and slight variations therefore arose.

Rob Grantham


I think the telephone number for this seller is in Nigeria. I especially like the 40+ year old tires that come with it! Maybe it has the original gas in the fuel tank.
D.C. MacNamee

I've got to say it is a pretty little car. Is it just me, or is it painted black under the front guards? And my half-tonneau isn't going to fit.

David Provan

Re Red TF.
Hmmm......."unrestored car". The Plate code indicates
this TF was HDB. Pretty sure that means it would have been a Grey panel car originally! (TF1500s only were painted in the Grey colour.) Red is an HDC code.

Yet again,oh the glory of 'unrestored cars'!


Rob, we restored TF5102 and TF5103 both 1250 and both Grey HDB.
Rod Brayshaw

Hi Rod,

Thankyou for that input Rod.Always thought previously
that the Grey(Birch Grey?)was assigned to 1500s

Rob Grantham


Did you notice that at even 90 RPM the oil pressure gauge showed 0.(no oil pressure) plus the ammeter never moved nor jiggled as the fuel pump cycled.
For $79000.00 he could have at least cleaned the rusty looking gunk off the valve cover.
BUT! the doors seemd to close with a clunk.
I do not ever recall that an XPAG will idle at 90 RPM.That's like his asking price.Both unobtainable


I think US$79k is quite far out there but I'll add my 2 pence. I am quite impressed that records go that many years back to the post-war decade and that it is a numbers matching car and looks I dare say better than 90% of the cars I see. I don't think I have ever seen one with records like that. That worth a lot to a true collector not a chap with grease under his finger like me. As far as I understood it the black rubber piping was sprayed over at the factory so it took the pigment of the color choice but he's been upfront that it was repainted and kudos for giving it new rubbers in the process. On the flipside I understood they were all black underneath from the factory no matter the ext choice. I hope mine is worth that much and I rather understand from whence he comes with such anasking price for this one although agreed it's still more than a nick high. Maybe he expects to get US$50-60k and that's A-OK with me so more power to him. It's good for all of us if he gets his price.
BP Blau

TFs from the Factory,were not painted black(except black cars!) underneath guards,running boards etc.They were finished in top,upper surface body colour. In the 60s and 70s,many well meaning owners sprayed flat black under the guards in particular to 'hide' dents,stone damage etc! Ugh!

Also,TFs did not have a black coloured crash roll as depicted in this TFs photo.

As an aside,a TF was sold at auction in UK on January
16th, 2015 for 58,000 pounds. IF it was rebuilt and restored WITH correct/authentic fittings throughout,the pretty TF would be worth every cent(pound).T type rebuilds are mighty time consuming and require a fair deal of skill and knowledge to get them set up correctly and accurately. The'devil'is in the detail for those that care.

Rob Grantham

I've been to a couple of Barrett-Jackson auctions and the big bucks are always fetched by authentic, original cars.

Things to us that seem small, like the wing beading in contrasting colours, threshold plates with "MG Car Company" and similar, don't seem to bother us. But for someone seeking a totally original MG, originality becomes a driving force. The MC and his team at Barrett-Jackson continually point out even the most minute deviation, that will often reduce the value to a potential buyer.

I recently car across a TC in NZ that had been restored to original - see In just 3 pictures, I cannot see anything that is not totally original; even the u-flutes in the L140 lenses. Absolutely lovely.

At the risk of repeating myself, matching numbers in a T-Series, is a farce because an aftermarket brass octagon engine number plate is easily available and it can be stamped with anything you want!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

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