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MG TD TF 1500 - Wooden bed for battery

Anyone have a photo of the end pieces on the wooden bed for the battery. I can make near anything out of wood, but I need the dimensions of the wooden strips on the end and was the bed piece solid or plywood? Thickness? PJ
Paul S Jennings

Paul their is a drawing with dimensions available and I think it is in the T-Talk site. i copied it for my file. I will try and confirm the link. I used a piece of 1/8" ply for the base and a couple of scraps of hardwood for the end pieces.
CR Tyrell

This is the link. Hand drawn but acurate.
CR Tyrell

Thanks CR, I copied the link for future use. I picked up on the corner rubbers also. Thanks again. PJ
Paul S Jennings

They may need to correct the dimensions on the side pieces in the drawing.

They show side pieces and overall height as 1/2 inch
total height would be more if side pieces are 1/2.

Nice reference though

Correct DLD. I had one piece of the original left when I started and the hardwood pieces were in fact 1/2" , making the total height 5/8".
CR Tyrell


No doubt you are aware that the metal Battery Box's
top edge('lip')was originally wider in the middle part compared to the outer ends.A fantastically neat job
on the spot welding.Professionally plus!

Rob Grantham

Thanks Rob, yes I know about the top lip being wider in the middle than the ends and even thought of fabricating and replacing the lip on the new box, but since this car is in no way a candidate for concurs, too many issues from the past, I left it alone. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Paul -

You probably saw the link to the '53 TD battery tray that is on Colin's drawing of the wooden battery bed, but just in case you didn't, it has more info about the steel battery tray, bumpers behind the battery, and rubber corners on the mount ...

These photos of unrestored TF9052 show the tray and hardware. However, the tray appears to be an aftermarket hard rubber tray. I can't see the wood bed. (Was the rubber tray an option?)

I'll be following the results of your wooden bed. I want to build one for my '55 TF when I finally finish the pressing tasks needed just to get it to run well. My neighbor has a wood tray in his '55 TF that I can photograph and measure if you want. I don't know if it is original, but it looks like Colin Stafford's diagram.

LM Cook

OOPS - I just read an archived thread about the battery case that is in TF9052. It is indeed an after market case. See Cris Couper's post dated 26 March 2014 at 23:37:15. However, the thread has other good info about TF batteries and mounting.

LM Cook

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