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MG TD TF 1500 - WTB Badge Bar

I am looking for an original MG TD badge bar. Anyone have one in their spares they want to sell?
Bruce Cunha

Badge bars were accessory items
W A Chasser

See for an example. Bud

Bud Krueger

Interesting image of the Doretti alloy valve cover, the same as I have on my TF, but I don't have the correct cap. Now I have a better idea of what to look for.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Dave Hill,

Please contact me off line at:

tpeddicord at yahoo dot com
T A Peddicord

Thanks All

Bill. Correct, but it was a factory option. Which makes sense given they included a spotlight switch and a wire for the spotlight.

From the pictures I have. It appears the original had a single light mount in the center and bolted to the front dumb iron.

This brochure has a picture, but does anyone have a better picture of the factory optional spot light bar?

Bruce Cunha

The style depicted is very similar to the TC piece. Which requires drilling of the apron. The Runyan style requires drilling of the wings. I have seen this one on a car it had caused damaged to the wings both denting and causing cracks at the bolt holes when the wings flexed. The TC style is available from Moss But that said the Moss TD-TF bar requires no holes in the sheetmetal. I have seen early factory pics of TDs with a single SLR/SFT 700.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser


A have seen a lot of TDs with the SFT700 I think that they look a little big. The parts manual mentions the SFT462 as the factory option. These are hard to find and is reflected in the price.

J Scragg

The owner of the 1250 has a bar that was going to require some drilling that he chose not to install at this point. But maybe after we get the car together. I'm afraid I didn't take any photos.
L E D LaVerne

TD3232 with it's badge bar. Both brackets are TC-items without the ears for horn/foglight and mounted back to front. Indeed this needs drilling of the front apron. The bar is a stainless tube. Foglight has recently been replaced by the correct SFT 462.
I copied this replica bar from photos in the Clausager book and temporary roadtests.
Just my 2cts

Nick (TD3232)

Nick Herwegh

Same car with correct Lucas SFT 462 foglight...

Nick Herwegh

Nick. In your first pic is that a Marchal driving light? Dad had changed to Marchal headlights in his car. I only have one of the single bar refractors that need to be restored and I havent found a replacement for the other. They are extremely pricey when they do come up and I decided to put the PL 700s in as replacements.
W A Chasser

NOT a Marchal but Lucas FT57.
AFAIK these were an accessory on the MG Y-types.
Nick Herwegh

Nick. Thanks for the information on your driving light. I didn’t know Lucas produced a “single bar” light.
W A Chasser

There are quite a few views of the fog lamp and bracket in the various brochures here:

Christopher Couper

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