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MG TD TF 1500 - WTB Brake master cylinder

Greetings. Have been a member of the forum for 2 years but never posted. Have learned a tremendous amount from this forum over time and am thankful to all.

My 1950 TD has a Lockheed MC purchased from Moss in 1997 by PO. Have disassembled and found scoring in the barrel so need a rebuild. My problem is this year of MC does not have a rebuild kit available from Moss or AS. I can have this one rebuilt by White Post and resleeved in brass for $225 USD. They apparently have the internal seals needed for this MC. My preference would be to find an original one with the cup/piston, have it resleeved if necessary in stainless steel by Mark Frappier and rebuild internals myself. I realize I can buy a new one cheaper from Moss/AS but those don't have rebuild kits if needed down the road, and originality is a goal of mine. If anyone has any other thoughts, or an original MC with the internals for sale, would be appreciative.

SA Harvey

I rebuilt mine and it failed! Just buy a new one and move on. Brakes are not something to fiddle with!
efh Haskell

If the scoring isn't too deep, then you should be able to hone it to a useable condition. I have heard of a number of stories over the years of failures from White Post so personally I wouldn't send them anything. If you have a hydrualic repair shop near you, then they may be able to supply the needed seals for the unit. There have been at least 4 variations of the master cylinder sold over the years as you have discovered, after they have been sold there isn't any support for them. I would suggest that you go through the entire brake system and then use silicone fluid and it would be highly unlikely that you should ever need to rebuild the cylinders again. Just my two cents.
L E D LaVerne

Buy a new one. White Post did mine around 2006 and it is still perfect, did not have good luck with wheel cyls they sleeved. Back then new front cylinders were around $80 each! Somewhere in the archives is a thread about incorrect rebuild kits for the original cylinders- Bud Krueger did the research on that. Likely some of those bad kits are still around. They would bind and stick, due to an incorrect shaped cup. George
George Butz III

This thread was discussed on 28/01/2020

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