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MG TD TF 1500 - XPAG block

Can somebody tell me the approximate weight of an XPAG block? How much trouble will I have wrestling it into the back of a B/GT?

Allen Bachelder

Bare block or complete engine ? Bare block one man job. Full engine probably two men and you may damage the plywood deck in the GT.



Wow, that was fast! Many thanks. It's a bare block. I'm going to be on a fairly long trip too, so it occurs to me I may need to get at tools/spares under the deck while on the road. If it's a one-man job, I'm OK. Back 20 years ago, even getting a B block in/out of my old station wagon was a one-man job for me. Don't know if I could do that quite so easily anymore. I'm thinking an XPAG should be quite a bit lighter.

Allen Bachelder

Allen, I don't think theres a huge difference in weight. But I'm just going by lifting the blocks out of a truck and setting on the stand. The B was 12 years ago ( much, much better shape) and the T was just a couple years ago. Take the jump seat bottom out and fold the back down and it may just fit on the seat back and still allow access to the spare area.



Just weighed a bare block...used an electronic bathroom scale so the readings varied...high was 90 lbs, low was 85 lbs.

That was without main bearing in the engine...just the bare block itself.

I've shipped these via UPS in double boxes...your car should be able to take the weight easily.

Gene Gillam

LaVerne, Gene,

Many more thanks from me! For your thoughts/opinions, and Gene, for actually going to the trouble of weighing a block. This will be a totally bare block. The journals are included, but they will be separate. LaVerne, my guess is that you may be right about moving the block over on the seat-back in case I have to get at the stuff under the deck. Otherwise, if it weighs less than 100 #, I can lift it out if necessary.

I really thought this would work, and I've been banking on it. After all, I don't want to drive my pick-up - especially because I'm going first to MG 2008. ' Thought I'd first roll up the carpet, then cover the plywood with some sturdy plastic - just to keep things clean.

At any rate, I had some concerns over the validity of my estimate, and you two have relieved me.


Allen Bachelder

Can't say about a bare block, but a complete engine with a supercharger on it was heavy enough that it changed the level of the headlights in my suv when I had the engine in the back agaist the back seat. Everyone flashed me all the way home from Georgia to Wisconsin.

But Bruce...

How can any suv compare with a B/GT! And besides, I'm going to be driving in daylight... 8^)

Allen Bachelder

Just for reference, a complete engine is 326 lbs.

Dave Braun

I know the block will crush and crack the fiberboard thing over the spare tire in a Maxima. George
George Butz

Please note that if the block isn't secured, it will likely kill you in an accident. If you haven't already, think about a way to strap it down really well.
Steve Simmons


Very good point. I have an idea about how to do that.

Many thanks from the other Nevada US 50 driver,
Allen Bachelder

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