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MG TD TF 1500 - XPEG Engine Rebuild

After a bit of research I appear to have an original TF XPEG engine in our car. Although the cars ID badge identifies the engine as an XPAG. The numbers on the engine are AEF 118 on the head and AEF 117 on the block. At some point a Gold Seal replacement engine was installed.

I am getting this engine rebuilt and I am no engine expert. I was wondering what advice forum members could give me in terms of replacement parts, pistons cam shaft etc. Can this be made to run on unleaded and anything else I should consider before commencing work.

Thanks Darryl
D Lamb

A fat wallet helps.
Tom Maine

There goes you kids education!

I'm doing one as we chat. Looking at somewhere around 6k if the crank is good. Add about $2500 more if not.

There are a lot of variables.
DHN Nordstrom

I did mine about 38 years ago.
Its only run 5 minutes since.
We had bronze inserts installed in the valve guides. That is supposed to help with unleaded gas.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Education is highly overrated. Kids can join the army and see the world for free, after all.
Geoffrey M Baker

Been running five vintage British cars on unleaded gasoline without any engine modifications and have not had any problems in 35 plus years. One MGTD, two Morris Minors, one Austin 1300 and one Jaguar 3.8S.
John Quilter (TD8986)

So that's why the engine builder gave me back the box I had the engine in and told me to fill it with money. Anyway any advice!
D Lamb

Jim How do you mean it's only run 5 mins since? What was the problem any lessons I can learn from this. Did the bronze inserts work? Thanks Darryl
D Lamb

It sounds like his car never made it back on the road and he should ship it to me. I promise I will use it.
DHN Nordstrom

Hello Mr. Lamb
I have just rebuilt a TF 1500 engine XPEG 1744 from TF1500 HDP46/7874. This car was in a little auto museum in Quebec since the mid-70's.
I found that the engine was in need of a complete rebuild after I had purchased it (not a total surprise) and have done this over the last year or so. (I'm a retired aerospace engineer and raced mostly British cars for 20 years, doing all my own build and maintenance).
I'd be happy to tell you my findings and what was done during rebuild. I found the pre-war technology presented a number of interesting challenges compared to more recent (eg MGB, Ford/Cosworth, Volvo)engines.
Horst Schaach's book is a good reference along with a reprint of the Factory manual.
My email is

T W Moore

Neil Cairns of the MGCC's Y Type Register probably knows as much as anyone about XPAG/XPEG engines.
You can read his diary of an XPAG engine rebuild on the Y Type Register website -
David Wardell

Thanks David
D Lamb

There is a guy in Greystones - Liam Ruth - who races MG midgets ( the 1960s types - not pre-war). He builds the engines for himself and others. Really nice man. He has helped me with tasks beyond my experience. I could put you in touch if you decided to give it to someone else to do. He might be willing to take it on and is very reasonable.

D Moore

Just had my XPAG engine redone...plan on $2800 for the crank (believe me, it's cracked!), another $7000 for all the machine work & labor if you have it done at a shop...two things you should make sure to do...balance the entire engine and lighten the flywheel to vibrations from the engine and effortless reving...
Bob Doc
Bob Dougherty

Thanks Dave I need to have a good chat with my guy he's a pretty experienced engine builder. Testing and cleaning will be done next week. I know the name Liam Ruth. May be in touch.

Thanks Bob all very useful. No idea what shape the crank is in but will know soon. Good advice on balancing and the lightened flywheel.

Thanks David for the link lots of useful info.

Will let you know what happens.

Happy New Year
D Lamb

Invest in a roller cam, no cam or lifter wear.
"Google" why is a roller cam better.
Len Fanelli

Darryl - Do you feel your questions are answered? If not, please get in touch with me off-line.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Just received some good news both the head and the block passed the pressure test. Onwards and upwards ☺
D Lamb

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