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MG TD TF 1500 - You know you have it bad when-

You purchase a pile of TD like this off of e-bay just so it does not end up in the scrap heap.

Well, I see a door handle and 2 door hinges that should be salvagable.

The car is not all that far from me and I figure there may still be some steel that can be saved.

Are there any parts of the frame that would be worth saving?
Bruce Cunha

Sorry Bruce, This one looks like taps to me.


It looks like something they should pay you to get rid of.

Hi all,

I know David Sherward likes "patina"!!! Could this suit you for a project David??


Rob. Grantham

That should be David Sheward! Sorry!

Rob. Grantham

I too love 'patina', however, I think this is more 'field' patina then TD patina.....

Bruce...if you go and look, see if there is a number on the dumbiron (hahaha). RIP
gblawson - TD#27667

Hoping I can give a bit of information on the car. The registry should also reflect those vehicles that no longer survived.

I am figuring on taking the tub apart and hopefully there will be some pieces,(such as the scuttle) that can be saved and perhaps used by someone else.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce, the frame appears to be salvagable along with a possible fender and the inners to the fender. Someone could use some of this stuff.
Tom sounds like you bought it....?
gblawson - TD#27667

That's just sad.

I'm with Tom. How much did they pay you to haul it away?
Carl Floyd

It cost me 1 Dollar. I do see two windshield Brackets. Those should pay for my gas to go get it.

Bruce Cunha

You might be surprised... one door skin? a scuttle? Hey..maybe there is an engine laying under there? Or a rear end? or even a drive shaft? Bet you have the last laugh!!!
gblawson - TD#27667

The corret term describing that TD is RIPE FOR RESTORATION. It may be a little bit overripe.
Sandy Sanders

What is that black creepy stuff all over everything?
gblawson - TD#27667

Sandy Sanders

GBL, I think they tried to burn it. Bruce, you really do have it bad. And your wife let you bring it closer to the house?

I have done almost as bad. I thought the thing was a diamond in the rough. But many parts were recycled, maybe as Hyundais or microwave ovens.

I would like to know what you save. You can always say you bought a TD for a dollar. My first sportscar cost me $50 and a clapped out Corvair van. I still own it. Another cost $67.50. Still own it. Maybe it's a point of pride that I paid so little and made them into actual cars that makes me not let them go. I probably pay that much a week now to keep them.

Maybe if you screw the scutlle to a wall and put some nice flowers in it?
Willem van der Veer

I would have paid $2.00 for it... just to have the parts hanging on my shed (like it will ever get built) wall!!!!
Just wait, Bruce is going to come back with...."sold the ??? for gazillions of dollars..." posting!
gblawson - TD#27667

Well, If I drop a V8 in the frame I can make a Rat Rod out of it. We have seen those on E-bay.

I will let you know what I find and what is usable once I get down there next weekend.

I will give the list first dibs at anything that can be saved.
Bruce Cunha

The windshield brackets seem worth the effort...especially for a dollar :) Can you even buy those anymore? I know Moss shows them as N/A.
Jim Rice

So Bruce... we haven't heard about the trip to pick up the 'field find'.... how did it go and what all was there?????
gblawson - TD#27667

I think the black crud is ash from a recent fire. I hate to say it, but I have saved worse cases than this.
Terry Peddicord

Terry, could you PLEASE post some pictures of the worse cases? Not that I don't believe yo but I love this kind of madness!
Willem van der Veer

Bruce......these cars are still out there in some form or another. I just went to look at a gearbox that was for sale and the guy had 4 TD'a slung from the roof of a garage, abeit they were in a sad state from corrosion, minus the engines but still had some usable parts.
I must say that yours is the absolute winner for degredation of the marque.
Colin Stafford

Has anyone heard from Bruce since he went off to pick that up last weekend????
gblawson - TD#27667

When I found this auction I posted on another site as the worst I've seen yet. If it goes to good use for the hobby, good show!
V.W. Piņa

Hi All

Hedding down to Madison WI Saturday 9-16. Got the trailer all loaded with jacks, come-a-longs and nylon ratchet straps. Oh and a bunch of rope.

I will take my camera and get more pictures prior and after.
Bruce Cunha

Oh...its this weekend... best of luck...can't wait to see the photos....!!!!
gblawson - TD#27667

Well, it was a very nice day for a car trip. TD is just about totally junk.

One fender is in fair condition, the other is fixable but will take a bit to bring it back.

The windscreen brackets are in good shape but will need recroming.

The radiator support is good.

There is a rear shock and shock arm that may be salvagable.

The metal that sits above the gas tank is ok. Tank buffer brackets are also there.

Door hinges are there, door is solid but significantly pitted and it has a bullet hole in it.

Scuttle looks salvagable. There is a quarter size hole where the mirror should attach, but it is probably easily filled.

Frame rales are there, one is bent but should be able to bring it back to usable.

Inner fenter wells are probably fixable, but do have some rust through.

Car had a V8 conversion done to it. A very bad one at that. The motor mounts are crude and I am surprized they held up to the torque of a V8. The transmission support tube was cut until there is only about 1.5 inch of material left on the bottom. Again, how this car held up to the torque of a V8, I will never know.

Brake pedals were just torched off at the top of the box. Shaft may be there.

Frame is also very rusted with multiple holes.

The steel bar under the scuttle is there and in good condition. Unsure if it is worth cutting it off the frame.

It does have the emergency brake handle. It may also be salvagable. The tunnel cover may also be salvagable.

I will take a lot of pictures of the parts and post tomorrow.

BTW. Isn't the body number normally stamped on the right front frame? I could not find it. I will take my wire buffer to it and see what I can come up with.

Sure was a site seeing this sorry pile of car coming up the freeway on my trailer. If you knew MG's it would have probably been identifiable as a T series, but I bet a lot of people were thinking I was nuts.

Should be able to make my gas money back. I also got to meet a very intersting gentleman who owned three TD's in his life. This one was purchased as a parts car. That is why it is stripped to where it is now.

Bruce Cunha

Driver's side frame extension...dumbiron... on the outside (facing the wheel) face.
gblawson - TD#27667

And by the way... congratulations...if nothing else you can hang the frame on the wall and use the tub for a 'couch'... or build a PS2 into it and buy a copy of GT2.
(Thanks for caring about it)
gblawson - TD#27667

That dumbiron is not on the car. That is a little concerning. Any other place the body number might have been stamped?
Bruce Cunha

I uploaded some pictures. If anyone needs anything, let me know.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce, the left frame extension has probably been grafted onto another frame. I'll bet that the plate with the Car No./Engine No. isn't there either. Don't think I'll ask you for the rear quarters to use on 'the53'.
Bud Krueger

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