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MG TD TF 1500 - ZDDPlus

I just realized I put 2 4oz bottles of the ZDDPlus engine additive in. Did you think this is a problem?
TRH Hammond

Only if you have a catalytic converter.

Actually, from what I read, too much Zinc can cause spalling on metal surfaces. What is the concentration of the 4 oz bottles and what was the amount of oil it was to be added to?

If it is a fresh oil change, you could drain out half and save it for your next change?
Bruce Cunha

Unfortunately I do not have the concentration.
TRH Hammond

Why add any, buy an Oil with it included.

Valvoline VR-1 20W-50 is the recommended.
P G Gilvarry

Why add any at all or buy oil with higher levels??? Standard oil HAS zddp..just levels reduced from their previous high concentration. The only cars that POSSIBLY could use the elevated levels are highly tuned flat tappet engines running extreme spring pressures.
Save your money..your engine won’t know the difference. It seems it is only on amateur car forums that this subject is still thrashed about.

Regards, Tom
tm peterson

Amateur forums or not, I started working on flat tappet racing engines in my teens in the early 50s and still do when the occasion arises. Back in the day there were no cat converters and most oils were rated for the flat tappet engine, when the cat converters came to pass, the oils started being manufactured for the modern engine with hydraulic lifters and closer tolerances. Thinner oils and less protective chemicals, which are not for the older engines. I use VR-1 now as it's easy to get locally, but other brands are top shelf, for one, Brad Penn, there are others. My theory is and always has been, use what you want, if suggestions of experience is not wanted, do your own thing, your car, your money, if it works fine, if it doesn't don't complain! Sorry don't mean to be grumpy, just tell it how it is. Grin. PJ
PJ Jennings

This thread was discussed on 24/07/2019

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